Sunday, February 15, 2015


Beginning on Ash Wednesday, or the first Sunday of Lent

During this six weeks of Lent, try doing these little deeds for others and yourself. Each of these weeks must be done according to your own desires and situation. This is merely a guideline to remind you at this time, to remember others.

Week One: The Hand of Love
Write a letter each day to a friend, near or far away (not a relative). Tell someone how much you appreciate them.

Week Two: The Voice of Love
Telephone someone each day just to tell them you are thinking of them, to say hello, or I'm sorry, or thank you.

Week Three: The Deed of Love
Take something you have made or bought to two or three friends who mean much to you, but for whom you rarely express your love -- a pie, a plant, an apron, or some small remembrance that has your love as a wrapper.

Week Four: The Heart of Love
Make a list of at least 10 people for whom you will pray daily. Include your friends, your enemies, and those whom you dislike. Forgive them if they have wronged you, and ask forgiveness if you have wronged them.

Week Five: The Mind of Love
Use this week to pray for yourself and to look inward. Read the book of John again. Plan to go to church early on Palm Sunday to meditate in the sanctuary.

Week Six: The Victory of Love
This is the week of celebration. God's love for us is revealed in many ways. Get out of doors and breathe in the air of spring. Have friends in for dinner and games. Let your joy be full with life abundant in faith, hope and love.

I got this from my Mother right after I got married. I don't know whether she originated it or maybe copied it out of a magazine, so at this time...Author Unknown

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