Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hands Only CPR from the AHA -- added slogan by ME!

Hands Only CPR is the current public practice recommendation from the American Heart Association, actually for nearly 2 years. No more worries about the risks of "mouth-to-mouth" with typical CPR, it's all hands only for the general public now.

AHA says, "Two steps to save a life: 1) Call 911 and 2) Push hard and fast in the center of the chest"....

I think that is terrific and all, but I really wanted a more meaningful way to help educate the community--the general public--the civilians, if you will.

So I created a slogan that will help you remember it: 2 hands, 2 steps, 2 lives.

I felt it would encourage a longer lasting awareness of what Hands Only CPR is, and what it can do to help countless people on any given day. So simple! 2 hands, 2 steps, 2 lives.

I then created a flyer to depict the message. You may use it if you’d like, to spread the word!

Now, get out there, and save some lives! ...or better yet, use this flyer to get out there and teach others to save some lives!