Thursday, June 20, 2019

What kind of nurse are you?

I believe the world needs nurses, nurse educators, and nurse leaders who are idealistic motivators, leading the way for the future of nursing, through education, support, collaboration, and service.

I think I am one of them. My passion for authenticity, integrity, transparency, ethics, advocacy, and tolerance, drives my desire to motivate and encourage new nurses along a similar path.

If we reach nursing students early in their nursing program and hold onto them in a mentor-to-mentee capacity throughout the curriculum, we may be able to introduce them to a world of professional nursing where they still have a solid grasp on compassion and equity in practice and peer relationships. (Image credit:

There has to be some way to circumvent the cynicism of well, so many nurses. For those who are cynical new grads, maybe you have been mistreated and have experienced what it feels like when "nurses eat their young." Maybe you aren't to blame for your negative, judgmental attitude.

Maybe you are among the misguided who somehow believe that RNs, you know, real nurses, only work in hospitals. Ha! Good grief, give me a break. Real nurses take care of people. All people. No matter the facility, no matter the person. How are you missing that? All I can say is walk a mile, sweetheart, walk a mile!

Cynical nurses are like a vortex...the Coriolis force leading to an infinite abyss of broken spirits. These cynics purloin energy from nurses who believe and practice as I do. They drain the life force of others and even push some to burnout. Since many can't beat you and your nasty attitude, they join you, only to find that there is nothing sweet about the energy created at a negative nancy convention.

Redirect your energy. It's never to late to change your attitude. Life already sucks most of the time, don't make it worse by feeding into the negativity. #EmbraceTheSuck

Where your thoughts are,
your energy is.
Where your energy is,
you will be.
What you think about,
you bring about,

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